Exposition closing time banner and GIF. 'Cause

L'amour est mort. China Moses' R'n'B classic 1996.

Marusya goes Behance. Isaac goes hot and bold.

France goes Lafayette.

China - J'ai besoin d'amour. Le basket dans le beach et sous les toits de Paris. Baby, walk on by.

Voila le projet

 de l'espace de

recreation et


Vinogradov and Dubosarsky underwater scenery, caustics tricks and jokes. TRAVA loft group portrait - LZRV and ART-TZEKH by Alexandra Shatohina.

Russian co-working, winter with steam over the Ob river, self-esteem and existential profit, Printemps a SV3 Tomsk, L'automne Parisien, Cactus de Siberie, lips, cheeks, BGT.

Maybe, Tru Thoughts and a little Mo Wax is what you need inside instead of winter snow? Anyway, Ahmad. Abdoullaye, Ayo welcome to hotel Novosibirsk! So cordial, all- inclusive and moneymalistic par tradition.

Mary Lou. Love and modern petting gallery. Art de rue.

Parov - Pure and sweet. Sports underwater and at the schoolyard make us happy and a little tired. So careful with those statutory acts, money and Armani suit Mr. Please.

All you need is...

Eric Bulatov, Beady Belle, some of Bertrand and a little bit of Brown sugar will do it. Alley op, Giacomo!

Workin' hard, constantly makin' it possible to smile and joke around. Good work, brother! Jigafur the Greatest.

IAM tired. Go places! So fa' maybe?! Buy a trumpet. Go to sleep. Hear and watch Dream fish.

Black evening/white snow.  One of LZRV exposition posters. Stuttgart by night. Kane and Latifah herbalise and rap their way in this world.

Lentos & Dym. Legendary "Hang-over" video. Lobster Bob seashore dancing. So hip!..but not enough.

Music, "Radio", Soul, Quiet centre, Stalin housing.

You got me B/W. Black inside-white outside. Well done, bastards!

"When you're creating your own shit, man, even the sky ain't the limit." Miles Davis. Bonobo - Silver. 2011. Human is the is the oddest and the most dangerous animal, you know. BAI is like Bye? Too much materialistic? MTRPL.RU

Everybody loves the sunshine, russian evening sunshine. Me too - J'adore Ca! Using splashes often is just great and perfectly enough. Watch how I move on 1.

Holiday morning, Rain Dogs, Summer Sun, Autumn Sin written, painted and just drawn by amazing Encre Noir, Tom, Vinogradov-Dubosarsky and Alexandra. Aigul panorama, Miles, Dave, Sage Po and kartoshka dinner - boiled, fried, posted everywhere.

Les Cool Sessions. 1984-present time.

Sonya doin' old school. Assai doin' "Rest". Amy - doin' great. LZRV doin B/W. Miles doin' magic. Yulia doin' little something-something. Zayana doin' architecture. Macy doin' something. Grems doin' vampire. Nuages goin'. Birds just flyin. Quelle raisons? X-raisons.

"Factories remain closed, but photographers are always open." Lova

Russian Elegy. X-rated and serial Dima. Mishka-Tzigan. Hotel Noir and Morozovskiye banyi. Want a pocket cat?

Tu connais l'occasion.


Tout le respect a Zimovka 2014. Young, talented, magnifique Siberia. I suppose, you can dig it. Bogdan-supersex. Eltsovka got us open and flyin' over the beach. Spirit of freedom.