All these collages were made in Novosibirsk, Russia between

2013 and 2015.




Thank you so much:


 Julia, Aygul, Rita, Alesya, Low-Tone Family, Bai, BGT, Jigafur the great and only, Dmitry, Zayana, Sevenever, Irene, Helene, Alex, Dasha Lova', Max, "Respect" center, Lesya, Igor,

Luyba the maneken, Marusya, Masha, Natasha, NU, Ivan Larry, Sasha Tzaiser,

Nastya Belaya, city of Tomsk, Daria Khan, Tzigan, Katerina, Alexandra, Julia, Anastasia, TRAVA loft, Egor, San, Lentos & Dym, Kris-Kross, my mother Natalia, my father Anatoly and many others.



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